The Crash Dummies line of action figures were originally released by Tyco in the Spring of 1991 under the title Vince and Larry: The Crash Dummies. However, the Department of Transportation, which funded the Crash Dummies advertising campaign, decided to withdraw their support of the action figures line of toys later that year. In summer 1991, the line was rebranded as The Incredible Crash Dummies, and Slick and Spin replaced the original lead duo. Other spin-off lines developed over the years. The dummies themselves were re-released in 1992 in their neon Pro-Tek gear, a response to the new villians, the Junkbots. More Pro-Tek figures were released in 1993 in more limited quantities. Meanwhile, a separate line called Crash Dummies Racing released in 1993, with their own vehicles and crash/trigger mechanisms. The line was discontinued after 1993 due to complaints and a growing lack of interest, since the ad campaign had ended in early 1992. The last line of figures were only released in Europe and South America.