Darlene was the only female Crash Dummy action figure and the only one that was never produced. Two versions of her exist, although it is unclear whether the first edition was ever moved out of concept design. For all intent and purposes, Darlene was replaced with Daryl and Pitstop.

Original Edit

Darlene (Original)


1st generation (early 1991)






Unknown, unreleased

Very little is known about the specifics for the first version of Darlene. She wore the exact same outfit as the released 1st generation Daryl action figure and had the exact same, spin-top trigger action. Unlike Daryl, Darlene had two short pieces of yellow-checkered ribbon that sprang out of the top of her head. It is unclear whether she was ever released to the prototype team by Tyco, although it is likely since she was retired fairly rapidly when she found little favor in Tyco's demographic.

Partial 1st Edition Darlene (Prototype). Multiple different bows and ribbons. No internal working parts, arms, or legs.

Pro-Tek Edit


Darlene Pro-Tek action figure

Darlene (Pro-Tek)


4th Generation (1993)


Neon pink with yellow highlights





The Pro-Tek version of Darlene was to release with the final series of Pro-Tek action figures in 1993. Actual prototypes of her were made, showing her in a neon pink jumpsuit with neon yellow highlights. She had two hot pink ribbons for hair and included a spanner tool as her weapon for use against the Junk Bots. She did not fare well with Tyco's demographic group and never went into production. It is likely that Tyco never anticipated releasing her since Daryl was released in Pro-Tek gear the year before and no packaging was made for her, although she did have art created.

Production information Edit

Darlene is the rarest of all Crash Dummies. Only sample copies were ever made of either version of her, and the result was the same: Darlene would not go over well with boys. Instead of attempting to tap the girls toy market, Tyco decided to turn Darlene into Daryl, retaining the exact same figure but changing the outfit and removing the ribbon-hair. The first version of Darlene is the rarest and few people have ever seen her. The second edition was to be released with the Pro-Tek line-up but never went into full-scale production. Her samples were packaged on Pro-Tek Daryl cards but she was shelved yet again. The only copies of Darlene that have been made publicly available were through former employees of Tyco who were given rights to sell their remaining stock privately. Darlene remains the most illusive Crash Dummy. Daryl still retains a very feminine physique left over from Darlene, despite his reimagining early in the development process.