Original background storyEdit

Pitstop is Slick and Spin's buddy. He is always coming up with new ways to make the crashes more dangerous. Pitstop wants people to remember to use their safety belts.

"If you can convince one person to buckle up...just one...then all those windshield sandwiches were worth eating!"

Action figure featuresEdit

Pitstop was the most unique of the Crash Dummies. Released only in Canada, Pitstop represented the Canadian Tire Company. In virtually all ways, Pitstop was identical to Daryl, including having his single-button rotating head. Pitstop was light blue in color, the same color as Larry since he had been discontinued earlier that year. His character card was almost a direct copy of Larry's character card, including both hiq quote and mugshot. The front of the packaging feature a re-colored Daryl illustration. No other version of Pitstop was ever released.