Original background storyEdit

Skid the Kid is the junior member of the Crash Dummy team. When they aren't working, Skid keeps things lively with his practical jokes. Banana peels, tripwires, bricks propped over the door -- hey, a guy could get hurt! Skid's a brat, but what can you do? When a kid crashes cars on a daily basis, he doesn't worry too much about getting punished.

There's always one question Skid asks every time the Crash Car speeds toward the brick wall: "Are we there yet?"

Action figure featuresEdit

Released with Vince and Larry in 1991, Skid was the only baby ever made for the line. Skid came with a car seat for use in the Crash Car and a stroller that could eject the car seat. While Skid amazingly remained a part of the series when Slick and Spin replaced Vince and Larry, he was discontinued when the Dummies upgraded to Pro-Tek in 1992.